A great Shakespearean tool for all students

Submitted 6 years ago
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While viewing, it is possible to click on individual word and phrases to have them defined into a more modern English. There are additional click points that show language use and meaning, history, or thematic information. It can be viewed individually, or by the whole class. I believe that this product is well worth the price, if in fact you will be teaching Shakespeare every year.

How I Use It

I think that this app can be helpful for a widely diverse student body. It seems to be perfect for those students who need some accommodation with reading. Even those students who need no accommodation can benefit by the layout of the app and the multi-level functions that make up this app. There are notes available (insert here schmoop), but the greatest aspect of it is it has a place for the student to take notes while watching the play. The initial play interface is easy to navigate and allows the student the ability to start at any scene in the play. The app is a bit expensive, at a price of $14.99 per device, but if the school can subscribe the price can be as low as $4.50.