Limited spelling app

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I am looking for better apps then this one. The big problem with it is that it gives the students the letters to use. In my second grade class, my students have enough phonics to be able to pick what letters go in what order. What they need help with is knowing what letters to use! Things like 'C' or 'K" and all the different ways to make a vowel sound. The game is more of a puzzle then a spelling activity. I like that it does have five different levels, I just wish the high levels asked them to spell words without giving them the exact letters. They could just put some, or more than what is needed too! It also doesn't let you put a letter in the wrong place. I would like the challenge of submitting the word incorrectly and then trying to figure out what letters I have in the wrong place.

How I Use It

I tried to use it with most of my students as an extra activity but didn't feel it was a good use of time. I have given the highest level to my advanced students who finish early. The lower levels have been OK with my students who need help with spelling but because of the problems listed above, I am looking for a better app.