Check Understanding with Recap

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This product has been tremendously beneficial for ELLs in practicing their speaking skills by enabling them to record their thoughts. English learners in my classes will generally ponder and write out their thoughts before recording and submitting their replies. This product can be used with any student population, as it generates deep thought. This is great for soliciting comments, feedback, opinions and for student reflection. My students have thoroughly enjoyed using it and have stated it helps them develop their English speaking skills. I would caution its overuse, but as a unit reflection it was been amazingly helpful for students and it provides invaluable quantitative and qualitative data.

How I Use It

Recap is a free video response tool that enables teachers to check for understanding as students record their responses to a given prompt. After reading informational text, student write a blog post and then record a response to a verbal prompt to check for depth of understanding. I have also several times for checking understanding by inquiring their opinion. While I have used it as an exit ticket, I usually use it as a unit reflection. The best use of Recap is to generate unique answers to questions that cannot be Googled and require students to ponder on previously studied content.