Used weekly in High School Newcomer ELL classes - great resource

Submitted 5 years ago
Joy W.
Joy W.
Wayne County High School
Monticello KY, US
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My Take

This platform saved my beginning High School ELL students from "puppy and kitty" level reading material. It was equally effective in my "no-tech" classroom where I printed out the lessons for the students, to my current one-to-one Chromebook classroom. I was using the regular site before the site went live last year. The digital version is making my planning work and grading much less time consuming.

How I Use It

This platform along with Quizlet flash cards are the basis of my weekly ELL lesson plans. I've used it to teach life skills, social studies, science, reading, speaking and comprehension skills. I was able to find appropriate leveled materials for my students from the very earliest to the intermediate level language learners in my classroom. Reading passages and comprehension questions are all on one site.