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Education, Health & Wellness, Math, Science, Social Studies

Price: Free to try
Platforms: iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPad, Web

Pros: With 20 million questions and answers from 30 academic fields, homework help can instantly become individualized.

Cons: Access to the full potential of the site's offerings is contingent on either an individual subscription or one through the student's school.

Bottom Line: Ideal for AP and college students who know what they're looking for. With teacher support, more reticent students may benefit as well.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Quizplus is a database of study tools -- including ready-made quizzes, tests, flash cards, and even textbooks with review exercises pulled from 30 academic fields -- designed to save students test prep time. Fields include anthropology, philosophy, statistics, business, nursing, and more. Choose a subtopic and course to use the pre-prepared study materials, or create your own.

Ideal for AP students to help them stay on track, the platform is especially suited for independent learning. Options are limited in the free version, so pursuing the basic or premium subscription might be preferred.

With a paid subscription, more customization is possible for teachers seeking to meet all of their students' needs and ensure the learning experience is accessible. Quizplus, then, could be used as a solid sub day plan, with students assigned to specific quizzes, tests, or flash cards. Knowing that many students prefer learning in groups, teachers could also assign small groups to review material together using the flash cards and then, after the opportunity to support each other, move on to taking the related test on their own. And, Quizplus could support formative and summative assessment in a hybrid classroom, saving in-person time to explore topics in more depth, leveraging cooperative learning and class discussion. Teachers with more reluctant students and those needing more accommodations will want to model how to navigate the site and perhaps tailor the study tools before introducing the platform. 

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With millions of questions and answers, test prep can be quick and interactive, ranging from quizzes, tests, textbook excerpts, and flash cards. Initiative and independence will be needed to fully benefit from the site.


Although smart technology adjusts quizzes, tests, and flash cards to the student's skill level, the student's initiative will determine whether learning is actually internalized and integrated. Answers are verified before being uploaded.


Less-confident students, English language learners, and students in special education may not find enough built-in accommodations to make the tools accessible.

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