Such a great software that gives you the tools to create a study sheet/outline that anyone can learn and benefit form no matter the level or age.

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

I think Quizlet is a great tool, but I do think that a lot of work is required to use it in the best way possible. When I create study sheets/guides for my students in Quizlet, I spend quite some time putting together all the questions and answers. It is a process that gets easier and faster each time, but it can still take up quite some time. However, once the information has been put into Quizlet, the learning is like playing a game. There are multiple ways of learning the information such as flashcards, writing, or multiple choice. This means that students can find the way that works best for them when they are learning. Overall great experience.

How I Use It

I actually have a lot of experience with Quizlet, both personally and when I used it to help teach others. Personally, I use it to study and learn information for classes and exams. When it comes to students I use it to help and teach them to use it to create study guides and ways that they can learn information effectively.