More than just your basic digital flashcard

Submitted 3 years ago
Alexandra G.
Alexandra G.
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore MD, US
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My Take

I'm a big fan of quizlet because it's a basic study tool that helps with memorization, but it can do more than that. I use it as a tool to support and enhance communication and collaboration (when we use the live game feature), and it really does increase engagement. I like that I can monitor progress and know which areas to revisit. Most students prefer digital flashcards to traditional ones because they don't lose them or waste paper.

How I Use It

I have my students make flashcards that are due at least 1 week prior to a unit test, so it helps them get into a good habit of having study materials ready with enough time to actually use them. Once the cards are due, I combine them to make a full set for the class, and they can earn extra credit points by studying with the cards (quizlet tracks usage). Quizlet collects data around commonly missed terms/concepts, which helps me to gauge what needs extra review. My favorite thing about quizlet is the "live" game. I love using it in class the week of a test for a review. Students are broken up into small teams and have to work with each other to answer questions. They love competitive games, and this one gets them super excited.