Quick, easy, student-centered activities to review grammar skills.

Submitted 6 years ago
Sarah M.
Sarah M.
Schalmont High School
Schenectady NY, US
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A great supplementary tech tool to use as a filler to refresh students' skills in various areas. Rather than provide whole class instruction on specific techniques of grammar, this allows the teacher to individually assign specific mini activities to students based on their needs in order to show growth.

How I Use It

Provided students in an English 10 classroom with the diagnostic assessment. After conferencing with them one-on-one with their results, we curtailed their activities based upon the skills they needed to building improvement. Using our writing assignments and student-centered growth philosophy for writing instruction, I was able to individually assign practice activities to refresh students' skills on basic grammar, sentence structure, possessives, etc. While I won't use this as the sole way to teach writing and skills, it does serve as a great supplementary tool to engage students in their grammar skills.