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Questimate! - Pro

Build solid estimation skills through a fabulous math game

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Critical Thinking, Math

Price: Paid
Platforms: iPad

Pros: Exposes kids to estimation in fun ways with concrete math explanation.

Cons: Number ranges aren't limited at first, so it's easy for answers to be way off.

Bottom Line: A great-looking, fully engaging math experience, from question to answer.

Questimate! - Pro is a wonderful app to engage kids in solo, small-group, or classroom-wide estimation math practice. If you're using this as a classroom-wide lesson, be sure to work the problem through each available step -- from hints to full math explanation -- to get kids thinking about all the different components that go into an educated estimation. After playing Questimate! - Pro for a while, encourage kids to develop their own real-world estimation problems with items brought from home that are small enough to use in the classroom.

Questimate! - Pro is a remarkable math estimation game that puts kids in charge of making word problems with just enough guidance to keep the problems relevant and challenging. This app exposes kids to estimating real-world items in unique ways that focus on how math -- not just guessing -- can be used to estimate. From how many bread loaves equal the length of the average couch to how far a hippo can run in a minute, kids get to choose from various topics with types of estimation (length, speed, height, and more) via a fill-in-the-blank template with real-world options provided by the app.

If kids correctly answer the question "How many bars of soap would be as long as a yoga mat?" they earn points, hints, and power-ups to add some twists to gameplay. Kids can play solo, as a pass-and-play game with an in-person classmate, or via Apple's Game Center. Teachers can sign up for a paid account to gain access to a teacher dashboard. They can enter a class roster and track individual student progress. For example, teachers can track a student's mastery of a particular skill such as estimation by viewing that student's progress chart. The process for signing up involves additional costs after a 60-day free trial. Teachers must provide an email address and basic school information, and then they have to download another app to gain access to the progress tracker. Overall, Questimate! - Pro is a major winner for engaging kids in the art of estimation.

Learning is built into Questimate! - Pro's question-formation process, as well as in estimating the answers. The game's format makes the process fun and very sticky. It offers in-depth explanations in the "Really?!" section that include detailed photo- and equations-style explanations. Gameplay via the Pass & Play option adds collaborative learning, too. As students create the questions and then attempt to estimate the answers, kids must recall information they know about these objects and apply math, logical reasoning, comparing, and their own critical-thinking skills. As they do so, they learn about part-whole relationships and the art of estimation. And if teachers sign up for an account, the Teacher Dashboard can provide basic but useful information about individual student progress and mastery of skills. 

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This tool is highly engaging: Kids are involved in both the question-formation and the question-answering processes. They can provide thumbs-up or thumbs-down feedback on questions and can take a poll to help develop more games within the app.


Kids learn about and practice estimation firsthand by creating questions. They use a template that has a fill-in-the-blank form from which they select from pre-set real-world options to make their questions.


Clear instructions and pre-loaded choices make for easy gameplay. If kids' estimations are too far off, they can retry or move on. Tap the "Really?!" tab to view an explanation. A Teacher Dashboard tracks progress.

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Estimate and Measure with this Great App!

I am mixed about this app, because it is such a different app, compared to other math apps, but it is challenging. It's similar to a game show app where you pick the topic and score points. Also, it might refer to things that kids don't know or can't imagine - the challenging part - so even if you know it and are close, it's hard to hit the bullseye.
It does address estimation and measurement, one of the only math apps that has either.

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