Qlovi offers a lesson plan template and collates trackable mastery data for online content.

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Eric W.
Eric W.
West Ottawa High School Campus
Holland MI, US
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I like the structure provided by the Qlovi lesson plan template -- it even allows teachers to put an idea of the lesson's pacing into the plan.

I like how the lesson can be (easily) linked to Common Core State Standards. Each stage in the lesson can also be connected to a standard. It's really easy to add the standards to the lesson, too.

I really like the way the students' mastery can be tracked and used to provide more feedback to the students and to help the teacher identify students who need more attention and where that attention should be directed.

I would like to see more variety in the readings available on the site. I'd also like to see a bit more on the upper end of the spectrum, but I'm a high school teacher and the site is more directed toward the middle grades.

How I Use It

Qlovi allows teachers one more site for class-building. Teachers can create lessons (or peruse pre-made lessons) to practice ELA skills. It offers a basic (somewhat customizable) lesson plan template with steps like warm-up, whole class practice, independent study, formative assessment, and exit ticket. These lesson plan steps can be scheduled and assigned to students who enroll in the class.

The site offers a small collection of reading materials that can be sorted by topic or Lexile score. Many of these readings are free. Some have a fee. These readings can be assigned to the class or read together. Some come with comprehension level class. These can be assigned as quizzes.

Teachers can also assign writing assessments. Two different rubrics are included for scoring of the writing. I thought this was pretty cool. There are lessons I often teach that can be assigned digitally using Qlovi.

But wait, there's more. After I practiced creating and assigning a lesson, I noticed that Qlovi also collects the data from the assignments. Students' levels of mastery can be viewed by assessment and also by Common Core State Standard. Students who need more practice or more instruction can identified and helped.

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