Create a reading lesson plan in one place using classics and limited non-fiction texts

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Ashley K.
Ashley K.
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I thought that this was a worthwhile product to try, especially if your class is all reading the same book or novel. Qlovi is limited in free books, and is building their “paid” library. For instance, doing a search for reading materials between 400 and 1600 Lexile levels, the program pulled 46 free books, and many of them were on the higher side. For students who struggle with reading harder texts, this might not be a great independent tool.

Teachers are given 50 tokens to pay for book usage (it costs 1 token per book shared with students, so for a class of 24, you would be paying 24 tokens). Books also expire from your account after several weeks.

I would also be interested to see how the nonfiction library grows in the coming months. Currently, there are limited titles with a rather small span of interest.

How I Use It

I used this program to have my students interact with free reading material. I was able to find several of the classic pieces we read as a part of our HS curriculum. I highlighted important text excerpts and inserted comprehension questions and opportunities for students to interact with the text using one of the reading strategies we were working on. I was also able to help students realize when a quote described an important story element, or identify vocabulary I wanted them to learn. By creating this “learning” copy of the reading, I could then push it to all students. The program showed me how students were interacting with the text, whether they were answering objective questions carefully or if they were missing the point completely. The students were given immediate feedback, as well, and could ask for help as they needed.

I also added a comprehension quiz at the end of the reading which was then graded automatically by the program. Eventually, it would pull data based on whether they mastered the standard we were working on.

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