Promote student literacy while matching individual needs

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I really enjoyed using Qlovi and would suggest it to teachers who want to include an eReader and writing program in their classroom. I loved the ability to differentiate my lessons for individual learners and enjoyed how I could view how long students worked on their reading. It was also beneficial to see what annotations they made as they read. Lastly, ready-made lessons that are already aligned to Common Core Standards are at one’s fingertips and can easily be added to your digital classroom as an assignment.
A few things that need improvement are that Qlovi allows you to purchase books with tokens (you are given 2 at the start of your sign-up). You may use the ones they have for free, but these are mainly books that are non-fiction. The lack of fiction, particularly young adult fiction was a major drawback for me as an English teacher. Also, there need to be more search options to look for books, as you simply must scroll through pages upon pages of books in order to find one you’d like to teach with.

How I Use It

Qlovi is an eReading and writing platform that allows teachers to set lesson plans that unique in that they allow places for quizzes, polls, etc that students could access within the site. It is great for an English teacher who teaches in a 1-to-1 school, as students can work on their own while teachers monitor their progress. Qlovi offers a reading platform aligned to the Common Core State Standards and in this platform students progress through reading assignments, highlight passages and complete accompanying assessments. These assessments allow teachers to match reading assignments to their levels. I used Qlovi with a small tutoring group and was able to differentiate reading assignments to my small group of students, but still kept the same thematic focus amid the works of literature. It was a great way to foster small group discussion in a very diverse group of learners.

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