Qlovi allows creation of an entire online reading lesson

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Lisa B.
Lisa B.
Hershey Middle School
Hershey PA, US
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Each lesson you create has multiple parts to ensure that you are using a variety of teaching strategies to teach the topic. Options of elements you could include in the lesson were warm up, reading, quiz, essay, and exit ticket. The Warm Up and Exit Ticket were in the style of a traditional quiz question: multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, or true/false. You include a learning objective with the title of the lesson. There was a place for a standard, but it was not a field you could edit yourself. There did not appear to be a way to differentiate the lessons for specific groups of students.
Creating an account on the website is easy, the time consuming part would be creating the lessons. There is a simple help menu available for teachers trying to navigate the website. However, the editing is not practical, so I’m not sure how much it could be customized. I wanted to include checks of understanding or side notes in the context of the book, but the only thing I could figure out how to add was a Frayer Model. I needed a resource that would allow more student interaction with the text through pictures, maps, questions, definitions, and additional web links.

How I Use It

They have many pre-built lessons around Common Core topics for Reading and Writing. For standards that I cover in Social Studies, I will browse the library first for inspiration. The Library Search allows users to sort by Free or Tokens for rental. The search can further be broken down by Lexile scale, CCSS grade level, tags, and language of the book. The rental period for all books is 6 weeks.
After a class is created, the teacher gets a URL to help the students create an account and join the correct class. Students either need a username or an email to create the account. Qlovi does not seem interactive from the student side. There are not opportunities to add additional media files that could provide more context and engagement for the students. There are historical and fictional texts that could be applied to a geography class. I wanted to be able to analyze the 5 Themes of Geography in the context of a novel. However, I was not able to add additional media files, specifically maps and images of the location, to help guide the reading. Without additional files, the task was forced and could not retain student interest.

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