Free flash player for the iPad/iPod

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I really like this app because I know that Puffin Academy will allow students to use Flash based media on the iPad without any hiccups. Also, since a lot of schools are going 1 to 1 with mobile devices in the classroom, this app will be essential to have on each device so students can access the Flash content. Lastly, once the app is downloaded on the student's device, it is easy for them to learn how to navigate to find the Flash media they need. Then they can use the app at home to review lessons from class, practice skills, or complete their homework. Overall, this app saves the day when it comes to viewing Flash media on any iOS device.

How I Use It

Have you ever found this great website or game for your lesson and you wanted to share it with your students? So you go ahead and plan your lesson around this website/game. Then you get out your iPad or tell your students to get out their iPads and tell them to go the website/game. What do the students see...nothing! Since Apple's operating system does not recognize Flash software, you are not able to use that great website/game and you feel the lesson is ruined. By using Puffin Academy, this situation will no longer play out in your classroom. When teaching, have students use Puffin Academy to find the website/game through the app's browser and it will take you directly to the site and work perfectly! In the classroom, this app would be perfect to share a lesson that requires Flash to the whole class, small groups, or for individual work. Another bonus about Puffin Academy is it provides a safe and appropriate mobile browsing experience. So there is no need to worry about the content students will be viewing as it will be education based.