Provides a safe, smooth and appropriate mobile browsing experience for students!

Submitted 8 years ago
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
Tamanend Middle School
Warrington PA, US
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With the rising popularity of BYOD policies in many school districts, Puffin Academy saves the day by ensuring that lessons will run smoothly. Teachers can plan with confidence by using the Puffin Academy browser. Outside of the classroom, students can download the app and teachers can assign homework or review activities knowing that students will be able to use them easily. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing, "It wouldn't work!" and Puffin Academy is the solution! The Puffin Academy web browser, the fastest Flash mobile browser, makes safe, easy, and functional educational browsing available on all mobile devices.

How I Use It

Puffin Academy is a great, free app for keeping Internet browsing on mobile devices safe and productive. The educational websites that are featured on the site have been filtered and reviewed so I know that they are appropriate for my classroom. I don't need to worry about students wandering into the wrong online places. Puffin Academy provides a safe and appropriate mobile browsing experience for my students. Because many mobile browsers don’t accommodate Adobe Flash, Puffin Academy was developed to provide a fast Flash mobile browser experience. This is useful because I never have to worry about students getting stuck after stumbling upon an interactive website that uses Adobe Flash. If I use the websites featured on Puffin Academy in my lesson planning, I can rest assured that my lesson will run smoothly on a mobile device.