Great Math Motivator!

Submitted 3 years ago
Maura P.
Maura P.
Brookside Charter School
Kansas City MO, US
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My Take

I love using Prodigy! It helps motivate my students to keep learning, they're more apt to pay attention to the lesson after they struggled on Prodigy as well. After they pass the skill I assign, Prodigy asks them questions in a variety of math domains and will make the questions harder or easier according to their ability so my higher students are being challenged and my lower students aren't getting frustrated!

How I Use It

After students meet their goals on their computers, they are able to be on Prodigy for a fun activity. They love battling their friends and levelling up while learning and practicing math skills. In addition, towards the end of the year, I assign skills that we are learning and have them practice on Prodigy instead of doing a problem set. The downside is that students can just guess on answers and get them right, so it can't be used as a testing tool as well as I'd like.