We all love Prodigy!

Submitted 3 years ago
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I honestly cannot say enough good things about Prodigy. I love how engaging it is. I love that make learning fun! I love to see my kids LOVE math because of it. As a teacher, I love how supportive Prodigy is. It truly helps me so much as a teacher because it is extremely user friendly. I feel really efficient using Prodigy because I can quickly look at data and plan certain skills for my students. I also love that I can easily align it to Common Cores Standards. I highly recommend Prodigy to any teacher!

How I Use It

I use Prodigy almost daily and in different ways. I've used it as a warm-up, for quizzes, for test prep and for review. It's great because as a teacher I can set specific goals for certain kids or assign whole group assignments to everyone. What I love most is that it automatically makes reports for you so it is easy to see if anyone needs more help in a certain skill. It makes it extremely easy for me to set up my small groups. I've seen tremendous growth because of Prodigy and I love how user friendly it is. When students don't know how to solve a certain problem it will give them a hint and sometimes will even show them a video on how to solve!