Math Engagement at its best!

Submitted 3 years ago
Lalanie J.
Lalanie J.
Academy For Business And Technology Elementary
Dearborn MI, US
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My Take

Prodigy has been an amazing supportive math platform for teaching and reteaching math standards our students work on throughout the year. Many students that previously weren't engaged in math, now see math as fun and rewarding. It is not only an invaluable experience for the student but also for the instructor. I am able to track student progress and provide individualized support where each student needs extra help. Likewise, Prodigy is a great platform for skilled or advanced learners as the instructor can keep students engaged by assigning individualized learning plans that align with their state math standards. It's worked great for my Special Education students and as helped increase group interaction, reduced state testing anxiety, and overall increased each student's math knowledge. We will continue to use it in the following years as a great math support for students. Thank you Prodigy developers. Keep up the good work!!

How I Use It

I use Prodigy every day as the primary platform for ABT's math intervention lab for grades 1-5. I have a mobile math cart that I take to each grade and the students work on Prodigy at least 25-30 minutes everyday on their Chromebooks, to either help with additional math support or small group learning and practice. I love the tools that Prodigy provides so I am able to track student growth throughout the year, and provide individualized assistance in the areas where each student struggles. The kids really enjoy working from home and having the app on their phone. The more often the play, the more they learn. Practice and repetition, as well as having an online platform, has reduced test anxiety and increased math knowledge. I often use the Smartboard to play along, and provide teaching/reteaching of the skills and standards they are working on in the game.