Student's Love Prodigy

Submitted 3 years ago
Megan D.
Megan D.
Landmark Academy (District)
Kimball MI, US
My Rating

My Take

I really like this teaching tool. I have many students who have test anxiety, so being able to assess them in a fun non-traditional way is wonderful. Prodigy has also helped some of my students who didn't like math before become more engaged in math. Because it aligns to my states standards I feel confident in my students using it for test prep and practice.

How I Use It

Prodigy is great for early finishers and preparing students for assessment. I love the planner tool because I am able to schedule assignments and assessments based on what students need. I also use it as an incentive because my students love Prodigy so much they will do anything to get Prodigy time.