Found this last year and students begged to use it. Math practice that students love, what's there not to like.

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I believe that this tool could be a great supplemental tool to your math teaching. It can easily though become a mindless time filler if the teacher is not actively using the planning feature provided to the teacher. I really enjoy the planning feature that allows me to dictate what students are practicing as they work with prodigy. I also like the weekly email reports and how they tell me who is using it and how students are doing with the current assignment. I can also go into the different assessments and look deeper into the questions and what are the mistakes my students are making and then adjust my teaching to fill those gaps that they might have in their learning.

How I Use It

I use this product in my classroom to extend the thinking of my students. After I have taught a particular concept I then have students work on Prodigy. Prodigy allows my students to see the same content another way and expands their thinking about the current concept. Students do sometimes get so involved it is hard to get them to stop. I have the ability to assign tests, content and testing practice for the end of the year tests. I assign content that acts as a review of the class instruction.