Making math fun one spell at a time!

Submitted 4 years ago
Katie R.
Katie R.
Dundalk Elementary
Dundalk MD, US
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My Take

As a teacher I think that Prodigy is a fun and creative way to engage students in math practice. It is directly linked to the standards within the county and gives feedback to support other data within your classroom. I like that it is designed after games that students already have an interest in such as Pokemon or other digital games. In order to battle a opponent they have to solve the math problems correctly. It is a great instructional tool to use during customized instruction time. Students are learning on their level, practicing grade level standards, but also being exposed to multiple online questioning techniques that they may see on assessments. The only suggestion that I would have is for an option to where students cant pause standards or shy away from a "battle" when they are having trouble with the subject. A feature where if students are getting a certain amount of questions wrong on a specific standards it can do a mini re teach or example.

How I Use It

During my instructional day and customized instructional time I have a rotation that is math with technology. Each week I pull the data from Prodigy as well as look at my assessment data so I am able to set up differentiated learning groups within the prodigy world. Students will have 15 minutes to engage in online math learning and complete activities that are directly linked to the common core curriculum. I stated that the set up time is more than 15 minutes due to having to role out this website very gradually. Online safety, at home options, and pausing on specific lesson. Some students can get more wrapped up in the game feature, more than actually completing the math work. Once students have the structure of the website down, and have creatively designed their characters you can directly link common core standards from any grade level. I love having this game for advanced math learners so that I can give them standards from the next grade and they can practice not only their standards but advanced standards as well. Prodigy also has an option for the directions and help to be read to the students. This way the students can work independently on their own.