Videos are a Great Starting Point to Digital Citizenship Lessons

Submitted 7 years ago
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These videos cover basic topics essential to student safety in a digital society. The child narrator and supporting animations will keep students engaged while they are watching. The five videos are short enough keep the viewer attentive and topics are appropriately chunked (Protecting Yourself and Your Information; What to Share and not Share Online; How Much to Share with an App; Respecting the Privacy of Others; and Online Manners). If I were considering using the app on it's own, I would say it's not worth taking up space on the iPad, but as a segway to online discussions and multimedia projects it will fit our needs quite nicely!

How I Use It

My district is preparing to implement a 1:1 program where all fourth grade students will be given an iPad next year. As part of our initial training to students, we are developing lessons which will review key elements of being a responsible digital citizen. Knowing how eager the students will be to use their devices, I am going to suggest that we include this free app on each iPad so that we can incorporate the videos into our lessons about privacy and online safety.
Because the students will be watching the videos on their own personal iPad, I am confident that they will fully attend to the content of each video, but also like the fact that they can revisit and/or review the video if needed. I do think it is critical to provide students with some sort of activity following each video as well. Since the app itself doesn't include any resources or activities other than the videos, we will have to develop our own. Our students will also be learning to use Schoology with the iPads, so I see this as the perfect opportunity to expose them to related quizzes and discussions. This would provide a way to assess what students have learned from the videos and also provide them with an venue to share their thoughts and draw their own conclusions. Using other apps on their iPads, students could even create graphic organizers and informational videos to submit as assignments in Schoology to demonstrate understanding, which could then be submitted to the teacher for review via a Schoology assignment. Although the app itself doesn't offer much, there are a lot of options of how students can share what they've learned after watching the videos.