A simplified game that puts students in the shoes of people with autism

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

As a teaching tool, this game is very effective. It encapsulates the experience of students with autism very well, and I believe it would genuinely make students more sympathetic and understanding of special needs students. I also enjoyed that you could enter your name and the characters within the game would use it, which is a small but notable feature for ensuring that students stay engaged and feel like the activity is catered to them. I also believe that the game's controls are simple enough that even young students will have an easy time mastering it.

How I Use It

This game allows students to play as a fox in a digital world where they have to interact with and collect other animals. However, the fox often gets overwhelmed and the screen will go blurry as the user has to howl in order for things to return to normal. They also may run into trouble understanding other animals. These specifications allow for students to sympathize more with their peers who may have autism. Getting overwhelmed and having communication issues is something that students with autism often run into, and I believe this game works very well in revealing to students how those students need accommodation to get through their day to day activities. The animation within the game could be better, and some of the directions could be more succinct, such as using arrows or highlights to guide the player.