PracTutor helps students develop confidence in Math ELS and clearly track their progress.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Based on the results of the pilot, I feel that PracTutor would be the solution we need to see success in our population of students. Our students need the guided practice, scaffolded interventions and use of manipulates that PracTutor offers in their program. They offer so much more than what I have seen in other programs, as well as providing support in Spanish for our ELL students.

How I Use It

What's It Like?

PracTutor identifies strengths and weaknesses of each Math core standard for each student and actively work towards transforming weaknesses to strengths.
Each student can take a pre-test (20-30 minutes) for each common core domain and based on the performance the student gets a personalized learning path.

Is It Good For Learning?
PracTutor fits perfectly in the school environment that is looking to prepare the students for the upcoming PARCC, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium or any state exams.
PracTutor has technology and questions that intend to prepare the students for the PARCC and SBAC

How Can Teachers Use It?
I feel that PracTutor is an invaluable program for students. It provides the scaffolding students need to progress and succeed on their level. The program was engaging and fun for them as well. My Special Education students felt a level of accomplishment when they were able to work on their level and not reach a frustration point. The program wonderfully differentiates for each student and provides meaningful progress reports for the teachers. I was very pleased with PracTutor.