Time Machine to the Past!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This app isn’t too bad. It would be helpful if you are looking for videos pertaining to Unites States Presidents however they don’t offer much more. While they have over 2000 videos and go all the way back to 1892 they don’t offer any other support for teachers. There are no lessons to help guide the videos and no other options beside the videos. For the price I would buy it and check it out. Even if you only used a couple of videos it was worth the price.

How I Use It

This app offers a large number of presidential videos. I would use this app if I was a high school social studies teacher, specifically an American History teacher. While working through the history of the United States you could find clips to add to your lessons. For example if your teaching about the great depression you could find video clips of FDR or other ones associated with this devastating time period in America.