Cross Curricular Connections + Engagement

Submitted 6 years ago
Sarah P.
Sarah P.
Teacher Expert - Educational Technology / IT Collaborator
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On occasion, scanning the drawing into the app doesn't work as expected. I would consider having student sketch on paper and then build the game using the built in editor on the app.

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The education support resources on Pixel Press's site are lean. There are basic lesson plans to get started using Floors, which are very helpful in getting started, but the lessons aren't attached to traditional curricular objectives (math, ELA...). However, there is great cross curricular potential that a creative teacher could utilize. I would encourage teachers to brainstorm a list of math vocabulary (perimeter, area, right angle...) and challenge students to include the math requirements as they design the game using the paper provided from Pixel Press. Once the sketch is complete and scanned into the app, it is time to talk about design elements such as texture, contrast, and size. For an English Language Arts connection, challenge the students to use story elements to write the story of their game.