What a Refreshing way to Create!

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

This app is a great way to redefine a lesson with technology. This app incorporates technology in the class to enhance students learning by them having infinite ways to create something and not be limited by non-tech materials. I liked the way that it makes a lesson more fun, the students more engaged, and having them think critically about what they want to make because it will be presented to the world. I liked the many materials one could use to create and the easy way to edit. I wouldn't say I liked that there was very little help on how to navigate the app. I wished that there was more help that the students could use. I like that there are multiple platforms for Picsart. Picsart drawing and painting and this app Picsart photoshop editor and Collage. I also like the collage layout on the numerous technology platforms; phone, laptop, and iPad.

How I Use It

I used this tool when they were creating their vision board. Instead of having materials like magazines and other objects that require money and a lot of time to find, I had them use Picsart. In this lesson, they had unlimited and accessible access to materials. After they had created their vision board, I asked them to publish it on Picsart or Pinterest platform, where everyone could see their art. A worldwide audience made the students work hard and think more about what they will put into making the vision board. In the comment section of their project, before they submit it, they would have to write a short artist statement about why they decided to make their vision board the way they did. Once they had uploaded their art, I asked them to go to someone else's platform that did a vision board (not their peers) and to follow and comment on why they liked their vision board, why they decided to follow them, and if they might incorporate their idea's in their vision board or other future projects. Once they finish that, they will go to their peer's vision boards. Once they picked a classmate's vision board, we came together as a class, and each student would share their classmate's vision board and put in their thoughts and comments on why they picked them, what they like, and suggestions on what they think could make it better.