math operations practice with a twist

Submitted 9 years ago
Eva H.
Eva H.
Technology coordinator
Pascagoula-Gautier School District
Pascagoula MS, US
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My Take

I enjoy this app and love showing it to teachers. Students must do more than solve a math problem. Students have to think ahead and solve to find the best scenario or path. As you progress in the levels, you will find decimals, fractions, and measurement items within the path.

How I Use It

Pick A Path is by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Pick A Path allows the students to practice the four basic operations while at the same time working toward creating a specific number. The number can be the maximum or minimum possible or even an exact number. The puzzles start off easy, but increase in difficulty as you move up the levels.

This is the perfect app for a math center. Students are able to practice math fluency on their own level and in a fun way. The app focuses the students to think about not only how to solve the problem, but what is the best path to meet the target assigned.