Classic game with an interactive twist

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I think this app is great for teaching or reinforcing basic phonics skills. The game questions are easy for struggling readers to figure out since they often have pictures that give clues to the players. Also, this app is very easy to operate so students can use the app after a quick explanation from the teacher. This app can best serve kids as a way to practice their phonics in a more interactive style of bingo.

How I Use It

In my classroom, I often use this as a game for basic phonics skills. I separate students into pairs or teams and have them compete against each other for the tic-tac-toe. Also, I have used this game as a way to gain student attention and as a reward activity for the class. Usually, I use a document camera to project the app to a screen for all students to see. Once set up, I become the score keeper and students can manage the app on their own.