Interactive and Engaging

Submitted 3 years ago
Melissa W.
Melissa W.
Bowman Elementary
Anchorage AK, US
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My Take

I feel that this Osmo game gives students an introduction to coding. It is really good for engaging children in problem solving and if working in teams, collaborating. My students worked well together to problem solve and experiment with coding pieces to be sure the character advanced. Unlike a traditional app, students were engaged with each other as well as the product.

How I Use It

I use the Osmo Coding as one of our kindergarten math stations towards the end of the year. What I like about it is that small groups (2-4) of children can work together with 1 Osmo and an iPad. Osmo combines the iPad screen with interactive physical pieces that are used to advance a character through a scene. Using iPad with Osmo turns the iPad into a more interactive tool. At times students can get frustrated if the coding pieces are not "read" by the iPad, but by working in small groups there is always a student who can problem solve.