Office Mix can flip your PowerPoint

Submitted 6 years ago
Kellie M.
Kellie M.
Media Specialist
Omaha South Magnet High School
Omaha NE, US
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My Take

I really like Office Mix. First of all, in the past I hadn't found a screenshot recording tool that I really liked and storage of the files was an issue. Second, it is nice to be able to take already created PowerPoints and enhance them through the use of questions for kids, annotations and voice recording, and video. Finally, I really like that there is data recorded for me when I embed questions for students to answer.

Once issue I would mention is that I have had trouble with videos loading when the Mix is uploaded to the Office Mix site. Also, the student data takes about 30 minutes after the students answer to be available and the analytics on student questions are a little clunky. I have not had students create their own Mix so I cannot speak to that aspect of use.

How I Use It

This year I have mainly used Mix to flip lessons. I am able to take PowerPoints I already have and then embed screenshot recordings and student questions. I then upload to the Office Mix site so students can access the lesson anywhere at any time. In the past I have used it simply for screenshot recording for how to create bibliographies so that students can refer back to the Mix if they have questions as they are working. I have also used Mix to create a WebQuest on Lewis & Clark which worked well because of the ability to have links, videos, and questions all in one place.