Predict and see 3-D molecular and ionic geometry

Submitted 7 years ago
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I have been teaching chemistry for 27 years and I learned from using this app! My students, especially the visual and hands-on learners love to use it. It really makes clear what I am trying to explain to them. The students do not build the molecules. They use 50 pre-picked examples to see the geometry. This app also shows resonance structures of ions like sulfate. It does not show hybridized orbitals. I use this app along side Mols editor and they complement each other nicely. You can see the geometry with or without lone electron pairs.

How I Use It

Students struggle with understanding how to predict molecular geometry such as linear, tetrahedral, octahedral, etc. This app lets students see in a 3-D format how the number of bonding and nonbonding electrons influences molecular geometry. The app shows all of the generic shapes and then gives specific examples of each shape. Both ions and molecules are exemplified. Also non-bonding electron pairs are shown! Yay! And it shows the way those electrons influence the bond angles. By taping on atoms you can see each specific angle. Then there are a set of questions that students can answer to test their knowledge of molecular geometries. These questions can be answered by using the app to look at the various shapes.