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Submitted 5 years ago
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I'd like to see more work with fractions. The current visualization is good but it could be more robust and include length models.

How I Use It

This product is nice because it doesn't require students to leave their homework behind and just work on the app . Students can use this app to help them with assignments in or out of school.

The key is showing students that they can use the app to visualize and solve problems that they were struggling to do on paper. Can't add 15 and 12 in your head? - Create a visualization and see how 10's and 1's come together. Need help finding the area? -
create an array and count the tiles.

For place value, there's a fun activity where kids can close their eyes and try to create a number using swipe gesture. Swiping up adds ten and swiping right adds one. Students are given a number like 53 and have to create it by using gestures alone. You could probably also do this with fractions because the interaction is designed the same way.