NOVA: Ancient Worlds

Fascinating multimedia resources explore ancient history

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How Can I Teach with This Tool?

NOVA's Ancient Worlds collection is full of engaging resources that teachers can use to supplement their curriculum. Teachers should take time to explore the wealth of resources available on the site. Videos, interactives, and articles offer opportunities to engage students on a range of topics from ancient history to mythology and archaeology. The short video clips (all are two to three minutes long) are great attention-grabbers to begin a lesson or a unit. Cataract surgeries, nose jobs, and composite bows will definitely capture the minds of the students. The full episodes and articles provide detailed examinations of high-interest topics including Secrets of Noah's Ark, the Ghosts of Murdered Kings, and Ancient Roman Recipes. The interactive slide shows and maps fit well for independent or group work as students can explore a topic at their own pace. Teachers may want to create guided questions and/or follow-up assignments to focus student learning. Overall, this tool is a good substitute for classrooms that can't take field trips to museums or historical sites. 


  • Ten Ways to Make a Mummy: Text and images highlight the techniques used in various regions and time periods.
  • Emperor's Ghost Army: Fifty-minute video explores the buried clay warriors, chariots, and bronze weapons of China's first emperor. 
  • Explore Ancient Egypt: An interactive tour of the old and new kingdoms of Ancient Egypt with maps, text, and photographs.

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Virtual Field Trip to a Whole New World!

My overall opinion about this project as a teaching tool is where has it been????? I love this website because shows a different place miles away and brings it right to the classroom. The images are breath taking and will awe the children and motivate them to learn and pay attention to the lesson. It is a refreshing change for teaching it is helpful to bring technology to the preschools and still teach!

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