Perfect for the Flipped or Blended Music Classroom.

Submitted 8 years ago
Sunshine M.
Sunshine M.
Music Teacher Pre-K-5
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This is a great product, but reserved for your best and brightest upper grade level students. This product is perfect for students in AP Music Theory courses or college level Music Theory courses. There is a online course pack that makes the product super easy to install and incorporate with many course management systems like Moodle and Blackboard. It takes the guess work out of online assessments.

How I Use It

Noteflight is a great tool for students in advanced Music Theory courses or in upper grade levels in High School and College. Noteflight's greatest feature is the built in online or digital submission piece. Students can complete assignments for Theory or Ear Training classes and upload them to online course management systems (Moodle, Blackboard, Angel, compatible). This product is perfectly married with Norton's Anthology of Music and a great tool for a teacher who wants to use Noteflight for a blended, hybrid, or flipped classroom. It is also a great product for teachers who are using asynchronous learning environments.