Great for finding and organizing news but doesn't adjust reading levels for articles

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

News360 is really easy to sign up for, and you can sign up with an email address which is handy in case social media websites are blocked at your school. The design is beautiful, intuitive, easy to understand, and the articles are organized well. Also, the app improves the more you use it, as it's algorithm adjusts based on a user's input of a thumbs up or down. It is a handy and well done app, however without the adjusted reading levels for each article I'll be using an alternate.

How I Use It

I teach English language learners, and I wanted to find an app for students to use for individual reading, introducing current events, teaching research/annotation, sources for debate topics, and the like. While this app/website is capable of being used for those things and more, it doesn't offer different reading level summaries for the stories. They are just the original articles from the source. While this may be exactly what you want sometimes, but for language learners I'd prefer an app that is capable of adjusting the reading level of each story.