Great news-source for classrooms and individual use alike!

Submitted 8 years ago
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The great thing about using the News360 website/app is that students were able to access content that interested them while maintaining the integrity of a traditional news source. I recently switched from to News360 simply because students can still log-in using an e-mail address and password, as social media is blocked on our school filter, rendering sites that use social media log-ins useless. Overall, using News360 was much easier than trying to obtain 30 copies of a newspaper, and provided a variety of reading levels -- something that can be difficult when using traditional print media.

How I Use It

News360 is a personalized news reader. This website (and app) can be used for a variety of courses, including ELA, Current Events, or just simply as a SSR or individual reading activity. I recently used News360 during a lesson on reading non-fiction / newspapers. Each student created their own News360 account and chose at least three topics that interested them -- this helped to personalize the reading experience. After reading an article on News360, students then completed a news analysis guide.