Nearpod Helps Draw Students Into Learning!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I think Nearpod is a tool that can enhance the classroom experience for many kinds of learners! I especially like how students can be directed to watch a video, and then have the chance to reflect directly after! In addition, teachers receive valuable analytics and resources that would help them further discover the best ways for their students to learn! One caveat for teachers is that many additional resources come at an additional cost on this website, so be sure to fully investigate before planning lessons through this tool!

How I Use It

Nearpod is a tool that makes engaging students and providing unique assessment opportunities possible in every classroom! When I first started exploring the program, I was so thankful for the detailed guide that made it easy to set up for the classroom. Then, I was able to go through a ready-made lesson plan to see what features Nearpod offers! I love the way that students can be assessed along the way during a lesson, as well as the chance to differentiate learning through videos and creative opportunities.