So many tools on this site that help integrate classroom lessons and engage students for independent learning.

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This is one of my "GOTO" sites for my Pre Algebra and Algebra classes. Once I have done whole class instruction using the book. I them move onto in class manipulatives. There are still some students that can not grasp the concept. NLVM is my next step. The Algebra Balance Scales and Algebra Tiles seems to be able to help those last students that still need some additional instruction.

How I Use It

My main uses are the The Algebra Balance Scales and Algebra Tiles for my Algebra and Pre Algebra Classes.

I have used the Factor Trees and I use the Number & Operations (Grades 6 - 8) for remedial work AND as a challenge for those inevitable students that always finish so early with seat work.

This year I have a class of 17 remedial Math students. They test 2 or more grade levels below expectation. I use NVLM almost daily in class warm ups and homework review.