Unique way to provide extended learning opportunities!

Submitted 8 years ago
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
Tamanend Middle School
Warrington PA, US
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My Take

This was perfect for an advanced level class because it provided enrichment and it allowed my students to get really creative. I was thoroughly impressed with what some kids made but I would say that it is slightly difficult to master. It would probably be harder to use it in a lower level class. It is applicable for many different subject areas and I was thrilled to use it as an ELA teacher. Because the kids needed to find images and information about the artifacts they were including, I felt like I was "sneaking" background information into my instruction without the kids realizing it. They completed so much background research without really thinking of it as "researching."

How I Use It

I used Museum Box during an independent novel unit with my advanced 7th grade English class. The novel was historical fiction. I asked the students to take the role of a main character and create a museum box filled with artifacts from the time period. This novel happened to take place during World War II. The kids were very excited to use Museum Box. Unfortunately, it didn't always work as smoothly as we wanted it to. Sometimes it would stop loading or take a very long time to load. This discouraged students. Most problems occurred when we were working together in the computer lab at school. The students had less problems at home. The students were able to work with partners or work individually; this worked very well. I gave them the option of presenting their boxes to the class and those who chose to present loved it. The site is very engaging and you can really do some neat things with it.