A cool idea...but student struggles

Submitted 10 years ago
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Museum Box allows students to create "cubes" that are housed in a "drawer" to showcase information about a specific topic, book, event, person, etc. The information can be words, images, video clips, webpage links, or self-made movies. Once students turn in their project, they are housed in the public library, giving students the ability to see what their classmates have been learning. That said, we had significant issues with the programming of the website as student work seemed to vanish for about 1/3 of my students. It was not "user error" - we worked together to troubleshoot and were not successful. We used the site before it was a paid site, and now that it is no longer free, my school will not be using this website.

How I Use It

I used Museum Box for an 8th grade Colonial America research project option. The idea behind it is excellent and engaging. Some students really responded well to the opportunity to sort, cluster, and group information to present their argument, and others valued the visual component of adding images to their project. The caption tool allowed students to be appropriate digital citizens and cite where they found their images.