Remix youtube videos in seconds right in your browser.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This is by no means for deluxe photoshopping or video-editing, but sometimes you want students to get their hands dirty and to get them having fun and creating quickly. For this, Popcorn Maker is perfect. Student jump in and start adding their captions, images and mixes to videos. It is rewarding to see immediate results of work and serves as a great stepping stone to more complex tools. Wondering through the menus of iMovie and other movie makers can be a drag. Here you have a very neat, minimal UI that rewards students with immediate results.

How I Use It

Students used this tool as part of a project where we remixed movie previews. This is great if you want students to start remixing fast. When students are first engaging with media, this is a good tool to cut down on wait time and lift the barriers of tech access because it works in any OS. If your students don't have iMovie at home, this will do the job for introductory messing around with media.