Movenote Gone Paid - Thankfully the App Remains Useable as Free

Submitted 7 years ago
Andy L.
Andy L.
Elementary Integration Specialist
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My Take

Movenote lacks some of the support and polish I expect from a powerful showcasing app. To see a finished Movenote was all I needed to look past those issues because the powerfulness of the app is what sets it apart. I appreciate the Google Drive integration and Google Login features. This makes it easy for use to access and create in the world of Google Apps for Education. Recently, however, Movenote went paid. Perhaps with an influx of money they will upgrade the user experience and interface. Thankfully, at the time of this writing, the app remains free with full functionality. This is a powerful teaching tool and an incredible archive of student work and growth over time.

How I Use It

Movenote allows our students showcase, speak, and record a presentation entirely in-app for anytime playback and review. We have used Movenote for fluency practice, ELL to see and hear how words are spoken, Slides presentation recordings, and book reads. The ability to show a subject and record a visible video to accompany the subject is a combination that only exists in Movenote. Perfect for students who are comfortable in front of the class, but even better for those who are not. Movenote allows the user to create in private and share as publically as they desire. The finished products live online, so age restrictions should be noted. To share the end result, simple copy and paste the URL where you need it.