A Presentation Tool with a Personal Touch

Submitted 7 years ago
Jay V.
Jay V.
District Digital Learning Coach
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My Take

I love the ease of use of Movenote. I also appreciate the fact it can be used in so many different manners. Through my years as a Technology and Learning Coach it has been tough to find presentation and/or screen capture tools which are free, reliable, easy to use, and safe for elementary age students to implement. Movenote does all of these things and more. Share publicly or privately with a link when your Movenote is complete or use the embed code to post somewhere online. We've had a lot of success and positive feedback from teachers and students about Movenote. That's always a good thing. There is the fact that a Movenote seems to be an "all or nothing" adventure as there is no chance to edit when a Movenote is complete, but this is the tradeoff when tools need to be as simple as possible to use. After a take or two things will sometimes just need to be "good enough" for teachers and students and that's okay.

How I Use It

Movenote is easy to use, easy to learn, and is very versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Simply upload the presentation or document(s) you would like to share. Making a presentation with video of you presenting the information, or just using your voice if you choose, is just a few clicks away. We have seen Movenote in action with students as young as primary age. Teachers/students can use Movenote to present thinking, give a "how-to" for new online tools which kids can access later if needed, share group projects, as a tool for student-led parent-teacher conferences, and much more. It takes kids a take or two to get used to the navigation, but beyond that the tool is "out of the way" and the students and teacher can easily stay focused on the content rather than the presentation tool. This is the sign of an effective online classroom tool.