So much potential for use in teaching speaking skills!

Submitted 7 years ago
Tara W.
Tara W.
Golden Valley High School
Merced CA, US
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My Take

Movenote allows people to make videos. Its power as a teaching tool rests in how it is used. For teachers who are new to using technology in the classroom, this is a great option to share with them. With few bells and whistles and Google integration, it is super easy for people to pick up. Unfortunately, if you make an error, you do have to start your recording over or simply live with the small blunder. However, given the fact that this is a free application, I understand that it would be limited. It is an excellent little application with tons of potential for learning. It is my hope that teachers ask students to use Movenote to create. Because it is so easy to use, students can spend time creating a presentation rather than trying to learn how to use the application. Presentations can truly come alive. Speaking can take a greater role. I hope you give this application a shot.

How I Use It

Teachers can use a tool like Movenote in two main ways. It is possibly the easiest way for a teacher to create their own video content for flipped/blended instruction. With some slides, a script, and a little time, a teacher can create a video for students. But I prefer to ask students to use it to create their own content and presentations. Because Movenote captures audio and video, students can demonstrate speaking and presentation skills by making a Movenote presentation to turn in. Or students can use the slides as a holder for speech notes and practice delivering the presentation by recording it. Students can review the video of their speaking performance, evaluate the performance, and adjust as needed. I've encouraged world language teachers to use this program for students to demonstrate mastery of standards. Theater students can deliver monologues! The possibilities are endless.