A great way to enhance presentations with a personal touch!

Submitted 8 years ago
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I introduced Movenote to a faculty member that was looking for a technology tool that students could use to do a presentation without using class time. Students simply created a PowerPoint presentation and uploaded it to Movenote. They were then able to record themselves using a webcam while easily syncing the presentation slides. Once all the presentations were submitted, the teacher shared and all students in the class were able to watch throughout the week. It worked great because it saved class time and also allowed students to see themselves giving the presentation.

How I Use It

There are many presentation tools available for students but Movenote brings it to the next level. Movenote offers an easy way to add a personal touch to any presentation. The application is free and can be integrated into any content area and grade level. All that is needed is a document and a webcam. Students loved using the tool because they could watch how they were presenting and were able to re-record until they were satisfied with their presentation. It was good practice for all. For teachers, this is a great flipping the classroom tool! You can post a PowerPoint presentation with a video of you for your students for homework and then use it as a discussion topic the next day in class.