Visit and experience a modern art museum, without leaving the classroom!

Submitted 4 years ago
Hazel M.
Hazel M.
Hampton Roads Academy
Newport News VA, US
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The app is set up, in some ways, just like a real museum, and a student can browse at their own pace. They can also see what other artists were doing at the same time. In addition, there are great, in depth videos further exploring and explaining artists' techniques in applying paint to canvas, as well as an explanation of many of the terms used in modern art. Abstract Expressionism can be hard to explain to students(they can be of the mind...I could splash some paint on a canvas and get rich) but this app helps to show the depth and breadth of the Abstract Expressionist movement and humanizes it more . Students begin to understand the innovation and originality of the work, and it becomes clearer, that art is not just created to make a pretty painting to hang over your sofa. Sometimes, it is commentary; sometimes, it makes you question; sometimes, it makes you mad!

How I Use It

This app has found a home on my Ipad ever since we first started our Ipad program years ago at my school. In Intro to Art, each student takes some time to choose an artist and find out as much as they can about that artist-- from the period in history, to their influences and contemporaries, to even the techniques they used in creating their art. Of course, this allows students interested in artists from this certain period of time to explore art chronologically, or alphabetically.