Great app to gradually release young students to using iPad to independently think and create

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

Another simple, elegant app - if a Kindergartner can figure out how to use it and produce quality pieces to share or app smash with other apps, zip think it is a winner.

WORKED: easy to use, whiteboard, simple art, simple text features, student were quickly independent, kept their interest, range of ability found it engaging, bonus is that it includes information on various genres of at and artists.

CHALLENGES: Created art was not easy to use with other apps, children had to go through process of screen captures then cropping to use them in other projects, I.e. book creator or in their Seesaw learning journals

How I Use It

I use this as an introduction to whiteboard/creation app. Although it is positioned as an art app, for me that was secondary (children discovered those projects on their own). We initially used these as a digital whiteboard, then as a way to use 2D shapes to build a picture (a CCSS standard in K).

We did eventually move on to more sophisticated apps (Talkboard) and math apps (Geoboard, Pattern Blocks), but many children continued to go back to MoMa Lab to create art, etc. that they then would take screen captures of or add to their "galleries" then move them into other apps like Talkboard, Book Creator, etc.