Powerful way to engage gamified students in other content areas while working on social skills.

Submitted 7 years ago
Ben B.
Ben B.
Kingsway Christian School
Avon IN, US
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My Take

This was a great way to engage students who struggle in a traditional setting. The setup and maintenance are probably more than an average teacher would be able to handle. I also developed several learning tools to work in tandem with the gaming experience, so Minecraft was not the only teaching tool used. Students who are familiar with the game may struggle with limitations imposed by the curriculum. Younger students also struggled with digital citizenship skills, but that gave us opportunities to address them.

How I Use It

I have used it with an after school enrichment program. One session used Project 1845's Forbidden City as a way for students to explore the history of China. This was done in conjunction with the school drama production of Mulan, Jr. Our second session followed chapters from the book Swiss Family Robinson. Students explored literature and then acted out the lessons learned through Minecraft.