Common Core lesson planning made easy.

Submitted 9 years ago
Randall B.
Randall B.
K–12 district
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Metria Learning provides a fantastic tool for educators to quickly implement the Common Core State Standards into their lesson plans in Microsoft Word. By simply installing the add-in from the Microsoft Store, teachers are able to search for, examine, and include the CCSS into their lessons. They are provided with a direct insert of the standard, learning target, and an I Can Statement for the standard. They then only need to fill-in their own vocabulary information, instructional notes, and practice of the standard(s). This helps to make ELA and Math CCSS lesson planning so much easier.

How I Use It

Metria's Office Lesson Planner looks to be tremendous for teachers of mathematics and reading/language arts. As a technology integration specialist, I can quickly recommend this tool to my staff because of it's simple install and ease of use.